February 04, 2022

We all want to be proud sneakerheads, don't we?

I mean, it's great to be a sneakerhead. It's a hard-earned title, after all. So what's holding you back from earning it, is the real question? 

In the words of most geniuses, the first step to solving any problem is to recognize the problem. Getting to the top of the sneakerhead rankings does not happen overnight because it takes time, effort, and discipline.
The main focus of today's post is to discuss the things that best sneakerhead pros do and you don't. Read on and play by the rules.
Put Your Sneakers To Use
Put your sneakers to use. Wear them. Rock them. Don’t stock them. It seems like the same thing keeps repeating itself, nevertheless, it is something worth repeating.
It makes sense since the sneaker culture is all about hype these days and more people are buying sneakers than ever and flipping them as soon as possible.
They're cool to wear anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you wear them inside or outside 'cause they're meant to go with you wherever you go. Don’t they? 
Keep your hands free to prevent creases, and don't look down too often while wearing them.
Mud puddles don't have to be something you go looking for, but you should be a little more relaxed about them. After all, they're just sneakers.  
Shoeboxes With A Transparent Front
I know you're ready, and the time has come. Put a stop to the chaos of un-matched kicks and empty shoe racks. 
Organize them in transparent shoeboxes so that everything looks neat and organized while still allowing easy access to each pair. Your treasured possessions deserve to be displayed, so clean them up and get them ready.
If you have lots of shoes, these shoeboxes might be a bit of an expensive option. But worth giving a shot because it’s showcase your collection like a pro and prevents your expensive sneakers from being damaged. 
Share Your Love For Someone Else's Sneakers
Don't hold back your love for someone else's sneakers. What's the big deal? Let them know you appreciate their kicks rather than trash-talking or judging their position.
There is a certain level of approval everyone seeks, and a compliment like “What a great pair of sneakers” from another person can help boost our self-esteem in a way far more valuable than a thousand Instagram likes. It's a collective effort. 
Sneakers Aren't For Instagram -- So, No Posting
Instagram does not have to house everything you own. Go on an Instagram vacation. It's not about impressing strangers online with your sneakers, but rather your sneakers should be for you.
We're not saying you shouldn't post your outfits on Instagram, but take some time to let your feet breathe and flaunt your sneakers in front of your friends. 
Closets Must Be Conquered
Let me guess, the moment you bought the sneakers you have been dreaming about for so long, you straightaway tucked them away in your closet for later. No way! that closets must be conquered before it’s too late.
Don't let them go to waste. Wear them out like there's no tomorrow. Before they fall out of style, wear them.  
Break Free From Your Comfort Zone
You sometimes need to see things from another perspective. Be a sneaker enthusiast, not an elitist. Get a pair of Converse All-Stars if you want to wear tech basketball shoes.
As I always say, break free from your comfort zone, let your passion leads you. Grab some Skytops if you get the chance. It might even turn out to be your new favorite one. 
When it comes to sneakers, wear them in accordance with your attire. The trend will never die.   
Boxes - Toss them out
Since cardboard boxes do not fit sneakers, the containers work well for storing sneakers. The packs are made of cardboard because they're economical, recyclable, and easier to ship. However, that doesn't mean they're good for your sneakers too.  
You may find it appealing to keep your shoes in their original packaging, but this isn't a good idea at all. Unless you are selling something, you do not need the original box. Visit our store and find better options.  
Make a difference By Giving Back
Honestly, you've got far more pairs of shoes than you can possibly wear. Your closet is full of sneakers you like the sort, but you don't like to wear them.  
It could be due to a number of reasons, most notably not matching your attire or being uncomfortable to wear, or simply not fitting properly. No worries! 
You can either sell the kicks and let something better take their place or give them away to a worthy cause and make a difference. 
See if there are other organizations that collect unwanted sneakers, such as the “Goodwill or Salvation army”. 
Catch Up With Your Former Sneaker Pal
Message boards about sneakers come to mind, right? Online forums? Is there someone from the other side of the world who has an amazing collection of sneakers and is a pro sneakerhead like you always wanted to be?
Let's catch up with them to see how they are doing as sneakerheads. Right now, they might be going through something similar to yours, if not worse. Furthermore, small gestures of kindness can make a big difference when someone is having a rough day. 
Don't Be A Stranger To The Local Sneaker Store
There are plenty of other places to shop, in addition to the flagship stores of other brands such as Nike and Adidas. The Covid pandemic also led to the closure of many traditional stores, ensuring the safety of both staff and patrons. 
The impact of this crisis will be felt by all retailers, although small and medium-sized retailers have been disproportionately affected. 
So don’t be a stranger and try something new from your local sneaker shop. Perhaps you could also drop them a line on one of their social networks reminding them that you're around.  
Don't Rush Into Anything - Clearance Rack Discounts
The first place has a pathological quality that gives me a sense of fear. Whether you're the first to comment on a photo or get your hands on the newest footwear, we modern consumers have one thing in common - the desire to have it now. 
Occasionally, it is worthwhile to wait. The number of releases these days is so great that only a small percentage are hot sellers. 
A plethora of restocks and the appearance of mystery outlets, not to mention all the sneakers going on clearance both in-person and online. So be careful what you wish for. 
Pass On A Major Release
Have you ever thought about what makes major sneaker releases special? Every week there's a new release. If you don't want to spend your weekend in a folding chair while munching on Power bars, rest up.
We'll let all the other people sit around in anticipation of their upcoming Instagram posts about their sneakers. 
Learn About Sneaker Culture
A broader knowledge base is always beneficial. It's a good idea to use the time you spend at home learning new things that can be beneficial in the near future.
You can even go for the perfect shoe book by “Simon Wood” which is filled with photos, background information, and almost everything you could imagine about sneakers. 
Or you can go for the other magazines and books for sneakerheads as there are countless books available for your to gain in-depth knowledge.
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-Freshshade Team