January 30, 2022

Even if you don't want to be a sneakerhead: You've come to the right place. 

Choosing the right sneakers for your wardrobe can become a stalemate sometimes. Following our guide, you'll hopefully have no problem from now on. 
Nowadays, sneakers are associated with hype rather than aesthetics and comfort, making the term "sneakerhead" rather meaningless.
The Sneaker collecting hobby has evolved from a niche obsession to something much more. We seem to see everyone wearing them, with three variants of the coveted Air Yeezy 2 in existence!
Furthermore, understanding sneaker culture can provide you with a deeper understanding of the sneakers' evolution over time, and of footwear itself.  
As far as I can recall, the sneakerhead community used to be about collecting sneakers and showing off your passion for them. But now, that is just one aspect of this lifestyle, as many people are more interested in having a rare pair than actually wearing them out on court or field. 
The good news is that a sneakerhead's sense of style can be enhanced by awareness of the lore and peculiarities associated with the sneakers.
Before the latest collaboration sneaker trend, everyone was scrambling to get their hands on the latest sneaker collaboration, but a few classic sneakers were regarded as a must-have for every shoe collection. 
Typically, there were two to three pairs of sneakers per child in my days as a kid. Nowadays, children and adults have sneakers filled to the brim. Sneakers have crossed generations and cultures. Let’s talk about a few of the top essential sneakers.   
Air Jordans are like crack for basketball fans. Once you get your hands on a pair, it's hard to stop buying them because they're so cool! They're also pretty addictive, to be honest.
Unfortunately, not everyone has extra closet space or a spare room large enough to put all the Jordans ever released. 
On the other hand, some people simply cannot afford such luxuries. Also, there are not enough Jordan IV colors for some people to find the model fun. Overall, it's a pretty balanced situation.
Essential Sneakers: How To Pick Your Favorite Pair
The key to getting essential sneakers for your sneakers collection is - letting your passion guide you, walking that fine line between casual sneakers and those you will wear under formal occasions, ignoring the rest.
That certainly isn't as easy as it seems. The number of new products released each year is incredible, so you'll be able to see and even buy several new products almost every week. 
Moreover, when it comes to finding sneakers, you are likely to get sucked into the excitement of finding the perfect one.
However, if you stick to these guidelines in the future and steer clear of wearables like White x Air Rubber Dunks that might not flatter your design aesthetic, you will not need to take any measures to stay cool when you put them on!
On that note, we have put together a list of 5 classic sneakers you should own if you want to call yourself a sneakerhead.
Stan Smith By Adidas
In honor of the legendary tennis player, the Adidas Stan Smith has become one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. Despite its simplistic design, the sneaker has endured for decades. The ever-expanding Stan Smith lineup has undergone exciting updates thanks to new drops, collaborations, and redesigns.
It's hard to find a better collaboration than OG even though there are a few that deserve "classic" status. The white leather upper with green accents has timeless appeal, perfect for wearing today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.  
Air Jordan 1 
Prior to 1985, there were quite a few sneakers that were in vogue, but none of them were as revolutionary as the Air Jordan 1. Their popularity came from Michael Jordan, who was not just a basketball player but a fashion icon, so of course, we all were drawn to the fashion that Michael wore.
Despite its legendary status, the Air Jordan 1 continues to be a huge hit - not just for its legendary status, but also for its versatility. There is no denying that Air Jordan 1s are the most sartorial of all the Jordan sneakers - they go well with denim, chinos, cargo, shorts, jorts, joggers, suits, and pretty much any pants you got out there. 
Nike Air Force 1
As one of the most iconic style staples, Nike Air Force 1s are a classic. With a pair of Air Force 1, your style is instantly current, regardless of whether you are wearing jeans, khakis, or black pants. Despite the endless options, the original all-white remains the most popular and widely-used colorway.
Adding a gum outsole to a classic makes it even more appealing. When it comes to comfort - whether they are worn with socks or without, you can expect ample support and cushion for comfortable wearing.  
Adidas Samba Classic
With its iconic silhouette, the Adidas Samba stands out from the crowd as one of the most iconic footwear models ever. These sneakers have been worn by celebrities such as Eddie Murphy and Freddie Mercury, so it shouldn't come as a surprise why they are so popular.
Featuring the iconic tan gum rubber sole along with the Adidas signature stripes, these sneakers are no surprise to be so stylish and comfortable. 
Reebok Club C 85
Tennis shoes like the Club C 85 reigned supreme, setting the standard for shoes in the early 1980s. Known for its minimalism and functionality, this shoe is rapidly becoming a staple in the fashion world. A white-on-white upper accented by pops of color creates a classic look that can be worn with a wide variety of outfits.  
Puma Suede Classic XXL
Originally a basketball sneaker, it rose to prominence as a symbol of anti-racism and injustice in the late ’60s and early ’70s. It all started with Tommie Smith's Black Power salute during the 1968 Summer Olympic Games.
Sneakers have been embraced by rappers, hip-hop dancers, punks, B-Boys, and many other revolutionary groups over the past decade. Despite its age, suede uppers, longstanding popularity, and quality make this sneaker a classic.  
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